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Movie Time: Finally Watched War Room And This Is What I Have to Say

I found one scene a bit unreal and funny when the grandma told the thief, "put your knife down in the name of Jesus" mmm will you try this in real life? My faith really needs to grow much more.

The little's girl's portrayal of a child aware of the problems in her family was believable.The actors with the main roles did a great job portraying their characters also. In general, it was a good story with a simple plot. I love that they kept the sad parts to a bare minimum, perhaps I've watched too many movies where too many tragic stuff happen before the protagonists come out victorious.

One other thing I took note of in the movie was granny Clara's model of evangelism. People might be annoyed at how intrusive you are about their lives, but in the end they'll appreciate you cause you took the extra step, you cared to ask them more questions. Most of us want to solve our problems on our own, be strong and all, but no matter how brave a front people put up, th…

Advancing Our Arguments from Sour to Amiable

I don't know how to argue, when I do attempt to, I tremble, my voice may break up, it appears as though I may cry the next minute. In worst case scenarios, I end up saying harsh words that do not pertain to the issue at hand only for the sake of putting down the other party.

I am not that good at pretending either, if things are not funny I cannot for the life of me mutter a small laughter, I may smile and with the advent of short form writing on social media, you may hear me often times saying lol. So when people say something that I do not agree with, I can hardly stomach it, it's even worse if they are trying to sell the idea to others and not only to me. In those times I cringe, every muscle on my face moves to show my discontent, sometimes am smart enough to keep a poker face. This all makes it hard for me to avoid arguments.

The greek word for argument is zétésis, it means a search, questioning. Looking at this meaning, you may see that arguments are not all together bad…

On John Wesley's 12 Rules of Conduct

I am currently reading a book titled God's Generals by Robert Liardon. It is truly inspiring learning about the history of the church, learning about great men of God and how it all began for them and their ministeries.
I am still at the very beginning, reading about John and Charles Wesley and today I want to write down John Wesley's twelve rules of conduct which he laid down for the preachers/ministers he ordained. You may not have a pulpit but everyone is called to be a minister i.e everyone is called to bear witness to the person and the works of Jesus Christ, so here goes:
Be diligent. Never unemployed a minute.Be serious. Avoid all lightness and jesting.Converse sparingly with women, particularly young women.Take no step toward marriage without first consulting with the brethren.Believe evil of no one.Speak evil of no one.Tell everyone what you think wrong in him, "and that plainly, as soon as may be; else it will fester in your heart. Make all haste to cast the fire…

Oh That Men Would Praise The Lord!

"Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men"

To praise means also to bless, it means to sing in honor of someone, it means to extol, to express respect and gratitude. Praise comes about because of what one has done, which is why David says, Bless the Lord Oh my soul and forget not His benefits. Praise goes hand in hand with remembering the works of the Lord. 

The Bible tells many remarkable stories and one of such is in Numbers 17, there are many lessons to learn in this chapter, today we focus on the part concerning praise. 

What happened in Numbers 17The Lord said to Moses"Speak to the Israelites and get twelve staffs from them, one from the leader of each of their ancestral tribes.Write the name of each man on his staff.On the staff of Levi write Aaron’s name, for there must be one staff for the head of each ancestral tribe.Place them in the tent of meeting in front of the ark of the covenant law, where I meet …

How To Accord Respect: The First Key to Being Respected or Honored

Before I go to the main point, I'll like to share about a writing and publishing space I discovered of recent.

MEDIUM. Its basically a platform where anyone can write and share their ideas and articles. If you like writing but do not really want to have or start a blog, medium is a good place to be. Or if you already have your own space where you write, it's still a good place to be as you can reach a different audience and it allows you to republish stuff already posted on your blog.

One of the articles in my Medium Daily Digest today was titled, Write to Express not Impress by Jeff Crume. That article is partly what pushed me to finally write this post.

I felt disrespected some weeks back when I greeted two lovely human beings that I considered as acquaintances and got no response from them. Surely they saw and heard me or so I thought.

I didn't even feel like a tree in the following moments, which would have been better (trees are living things), I felt like I was breeze. Y…

Finally, 10DBC Is Over, Marching Forward!

Its day 10.

I just came home after a night shift and I've written and rewritten this draft up to 3 times now. I'll keep it short and go straight to the point, I am really glad its over, not in a sad or bad way.

This challenge was the extra push I needed for this blog, my writing has improved, the number of posts have doubled and so have my page views.

My favorite day of the challenge was day 5, where Natalie spoke about setting up yourself for success, I read a few other posts of others taking part in the challenge and mine too and many questions were raised in my head. Do I actually take active steps in setting up myself for success? it could be something as easy as just studying or writing a paper? Something as simple as staying in the right environment and proper position to study, often times we neglect the really simple things in life and that's when the chaos and disorder sets in.

What Next?
I look forward to this blog, I look forward to my next posts! There's n…

My Holiday Ritual

Today's challenge is about location independence. How to combine freedom with work or adventure with work.

This should be fun. To be honest if I could, I would only play and never work, but the truth is there is no food for a lazy man. A person has got to work. Now its all about finding the work you love, the work you are passionate about, a work that gives life back to you.

I don't really have a dream destination, I have lots of dream destinations. How do I see myself working on a holiday. Well, let's see;

Before the Holiday Plan out my holiday, places to see/visit, necessary apps/tools, have a to do list i.e. what work must be completed while on holiday

During the Holiday My holiday begins at the airport, yes from my outbound flight. I rarely ever sleep on flights. I am either watching a movie (long distance flights) or writing (short and long distance).

I still prefer a notebook and pen for taking down notes. With this, I write down new ideas, inspiration for a new post …

Graduation day! Aye ye ye ye ye! Come let's Celebrate now!

"Today will be the happiest day, the happiest day..." have you heard the song? Actually the lyrics I've just written and the blog title are derived from Brenda Fassie's song wedding day. Yes its not exactly word for word, In primary school we switched out the lyrics, and used graduation day for wedding day and made up english words for the swahili bits

I didn't attend a wedding, I attended a graduation ceremony. Yes! Yes! Yes! my classmates graduated from medical school, they got their diplomas, they are officially medical doctors. Woahhhhhh, I screamed my lungs out, jumped up, got emotional, Wow, 7 years and they made it! They really made it!

Medical school was tough, but I guess the real world will be even tougher. But they'll be fine, because they are champions, they are winners, they are fighters, because they've made it this far. So here's a subtle shout out to Dr Dedun of Truth be told, Dr Ehiremen, Dr Tobi, Dr Ibrahim, Dr Miriam, Dr Abdullah, …


To turn over in one's mind, to consider, to mull over, give consideration to, be in a brown study, speculate about. These are all synonyms for the word reflect.

As I mentioned in the day 1 challenge, I have another blog, a travel blog. It's different from this one, am trying to make it as real as possible, which means I should have experienced the places am writing about, since they are real places I need to do some research once in a while to sure, I've got the name of this or that correct or the history right. The Fisher reflects is different, here its my thoughts, opinions, perception of things or ideas and everyday life.

Consciously and unconsciously we all have to think deeply, maybe what we think about is different, but everyone has their thoughts and opinions.

If I just think a little bit deeply every now and then, it should be easy coming up with something to write up. It should be easy writing about things I love, or do not understand. It should be easy writing a…

In Search of My Tribe, What Shall I do?

Its day 6 of the freedom plan challenge and today is all about finding your tribe. 

Natalie explains that, "Your tribe is made up of the people who understand and support you, and can inspire you to keep going is crucial to creating your own freedom lifestyle successfully"
I previously read about how people could get a quarter life crisis in their twenties and I think I may be experiencing one of those. I am at a season where I must make important and critical decisions with regards to my future and in times like this, everyone needs a mentor, everyone needs some support system.
My family, community and friends have been my backbone these few months. And I really do appreciate them, that's one part. As for a mentor, goodness! I don't really have one, goodness!!! I am not even sure where to find one.
I think a lot goes into finding a mentor, Who are they? Are they living the type of life that bears semblance to how you envision your future life? Do you uphold similar prin…

Setting yourself up for Success: The Fisher Reflects

It's easy starting a blog, soon after, you find that you need to keep writing and posting content, and not just anyhow content, but content that is actually relevant, content that is remarkable, content that is of value to your readers.

Soon after, you realize that people need to read your content, it's got to be worth sharing. I am currently at this stage now, figuring out how do I get people to read this stuff? how do I get them to share? I've  been reading on developing stellar content, the different sharing mediums, how the time of posting and sharing matters, the types of people that share on social media, what my readers want and what not. The other day i got myself so worked up, I thought it must be me, I began to question if I was meant to do this. Well, that didn't bring me more readers, so here's what occurred to me afterwards.

Most times, what you need to be successful is a different mindset, so here are 5 mindsets to adapt when doing anything, starting…

On Superpowers/Superheroes and Selfishness

This blog post is in response to Natalie's 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4
I began this challenge 4 days ago, and woohooo!!! its day 4 and I haven't given up. Today's challenge is on unlocking your superpowers. I got the email a few hours back and I began to think what my superpowers were. What are your superpowers?

I couldn't think of any and then I began to think ah, what sort of superpowers would I like to have? If wishes were indeed horses, what superhero would I like to become? When you think of superpowers you think of superheroes, you know the Power rangers, Powerpuff girls, Superman, Catwoman, Spiderman, Green lantern, Batman, The Flash, Wonderwoman, E.X.O aka Wale Williams, Po the Panda (he is my superhero) ugh, the list goes on.

There is one, I wish I could be, the Flash. I wish I had superspeed powers and for very silly reasons. I am the kind of person who tries to catch the bus once I see it, even though the next one would come in 5 minutes. I'…

My Vision of a Perfect Weekday

Today's blog post is about creating a vision for your future. Its amazing that the quote Natalie quotes, 'whatever the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve' is something that struck me even earlier in the morning. I need to begin to believe that I can do things and I will be things. Not just day dreaming about it, but writing it down, speaking it out and being proactive about it. It is a good thing to know what you want.

This is how I envision my perfect day: A week day preferably
Early Morning: Wake up (between 5am and 6am latest), morning greetings, have breakfast, prepare for work or school, run through emails
Late Morning: at work, try to add as much value to the lives of people around me as possible, not get burned out

Early Afternoon: rounding up from work
Late Afternoon: have a hearty lunch, with friends and family

Early Evening : Blogging or Writing, do at least 2 things that add value to my blog, creating or developing content, social media marketing or scheduling …

The Why? + Is God really a destiny changer?

So on yesterday's post I said the biggest roadblocks for me were not having enough time and complacency and to be honest I wasn't going to continue this challenge today. After reading the email I was like nah, that's it, am not doing it. Yet here I am again and am sure glad to be writing this, because that's what a challenge is all about, something that pushes you, stretching yourself, going beyond the normal.

I realized in my 4th year of medical school that there was more to life than just my classes, my books, my school, there was more to life than medical school. I am privileged to have  met and interacted with so many others who opened my eyes to see just what I was missing. That challenged me to want to know more, to get out my cocoon and learn more about stuff that weren't medically related.

Why? Travelling, blogging, writing are the few things I've found that I am really passionate about. I can't say I have the talent, even if I did, talent needs to…

On Time, Complacency and Blogging

I started this blog 5 years ago and it doesn't show at all and then I started a travel blog 7 months ago, TERNGU and it really hasn't been easy. Am really excited about my travel blog, I love having it around but I've still got a lot more work to do, developing more and better content, being consistent, learning social media marketing tactics and so on. 
Well, yesterday, a friend sent me the 10 day freedom blog challenge, at first I thought yes wow! this could be a real challenge and then I tried to find a way to make it go with my travel blog and it did work but not quite well. I was just going to give up, I soothed myself saying how it was never my plan to blog everyday for the travel blog anyway and then my friend nudged me a bit more and here I am. This blog post is in response to Natalie's 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1
There really isn't any excuse for me not blogging here, I have a lot of blog ideas, I write them down, but I fail to develop it. So…