On Time, Complacency and Blogging

I started this blog 5 years ago and it doesn't show at all and then I started a travel blog 7 months ago, TERNGU and it really hasn't been easy. Am really excited about my travel blog, I love having it around but I've still got a lot more work to do, developing more and better content, being consistent, learning social media marketing tactics and so on. 

Well, yesterday, a friend sent me the 10 day freedom blog challenge, at first I thought yes wow! this could be a real challenge and then I tried to find a way to make it go with my travel blog and it did work but not quite well. I was just going to give up, I soothed myself saying how it was never my plan to blog everyday for the travel blog anyway and then my friend nudged me a bit more and here I am. This blog post is in response to Natalie's 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1

There really isn't any excuse for me not blogging here, I have a lot of blog ideas, I write them down, but I fail to develop it. Sometimes, I excuse myself by saying, "oh medical school takes all my time, I really do love writing, I really do want to share my thoughts and all these excuses are just helping me to keep my talent buried, that's it. Today's challenge is to share two challenges I face and why I think they are holding me back.

Challenge 1:Time
This is really the all time excuse for everyone. I feel even if I had 28 hours a day it still wont be enough. Sure I could say medical school really takes a lot of my time and a few months ago my part time job, but I think if something really does matter and you understand the purpose you would make the time no matter what. So I am going to make this blog matter

Challenge 2: Complacency

Having my travel blog helped ease my guilt about my failure to work on this blog, but I knew something was missing I had other things to talk about that weren't travel related. I am realizing that sometimes when we think we are being content with what we have or are doing at the moment, it may not really be contentment but plain complacency. Complacency is defined as uncritical satisfaction with one's self or one's achievement.

Complacency is defined as uncritical satisfaction with one's self or one's achievements

My Resolve

I do love writing, so I am going to make more time for both my blogs and stop feeling smug with myself. Cheers to that happening and cheers to us all on overcoming whatever challenges we face.


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