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I would rather be kind

She calls him darling
She pats his head She thinks it's pleasing She thinks its nice
She calls him by name
She shakes his hand She thinks it's fitting She thinks it's kind
She's being nice to him He may not understand now But how does this really help him?

She's being genuine with him He may not understand now But what is true will ever appreciate!

 About all these, he has contemplated,
"I would rather be kind, Nice is overrated"

12 Things I learned from Reading Wuxia Novels

Owe no man anything.  Repay your debts. What goes around, comes around. Make sure to sow only good seeds, you never know what the future holds.   No one is above trials and tribulations.  Be ye a xianxia cultivator or an immortal or a mere mortal, everyone has their challenges and tribulations to face. Face it head on, cause we know that by overcoming them, we get stronger. Every test, every challenge is a sign that you are moving on in life.   Diligence always pays off.  I have not read of a main character who just randomly advanced in life, sure they may have had fortuitous encounters, but they didn't let that get to their head. I especially love Jiang Zhe in the Grand master strategist. Its worth noting that he wasn't born with all of his knowledge. Nope, he read to accumulate it, while he was nothing and after he became an official, the author shows us that he doesn't stop reading, nor appreciating and exchanging with other talents when he comes across them.
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