12 Things I learned from Reading Wuxia Novels


Owe no man anything. 

Repay your debts. What goes around, comes around. Make sure to sow only good seeds, you never know what the future holds. 

 No one is above trials and tribulations. 

Be ye a xianxia cultivator or an immortal or a mere mortal, everyone has their challenges and tribulations to face. Face it head on, cause we know that by overcoming them, we get stronger. Every test, every challenge is a sign that you are moving on in life. 

 Diligence always pays off. 

I have not read of a main character who just randomly advanced in life, sure they may have had fortuitous encounters, but they didn't let that get to their head. I especially love Jiang Zhe in the Grand master strategist. Its worth noting that he wasn't born with all of his knowledge. Nope, he read to accumulate it, while he was nothing and after he became an official, the author shows us that he doesn't stop reading, nor appreciating and exchanging with other talents when he comes across them.

 Show me a man diligent in his work, he will stand before Kings and not mere men ~ Proverbs 

 Your background and your past can only hinder your future if you allow it. 

Most Xianxia main characters don't come from rosy and easy backgrounds. Often times it may seem like your peers have it better than you, instead of sulking in your circumstances, rise above your circumstances.

 "aint nothing gonna pull me down even if its in my background.." No more, J Moss - 

Greatness consists in serving a cause greater than myself

 For this reason, I do love I shall seal the heavens. Many times Meng Hao is fighting not for his selfish interests but on behalf of people, for the greater cause of preserving the lives of others. 

Menghao, Lord 5th and Lord 3rd.

Shamelessness can be a virtue

Live well, taking advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. Don't always look to other for approval, just keep trudging on. I like this new wave of wuxia, where the protagonists don't give a fudge what people think. 

Never Give up on yourself

I'll just leave you with a quote from Er gen, "Life is a series of decisions. Whether you make the correct decisions or not doesn't matter. The important thing is to keep going forward" ~ I shall seal the heavens.

Never underestimate others.

 Inadvertently, people will always have an area of life in which their experiences exceed yours. Most people have had some hardships and fortuitous encounters, all of which you can not begin to imagine. Whether they appear younger or weak or have unimpressive backgrounds, it'll do you a lot of good to esteem others as better than yourself.

 Always choose to do and support good

No matter how the situation looks like, in our everyday lives, at school, work, even if we suffer for it, always choose to do the right thing, 'Cause good will always triumph over evil at the end.

 No man is an island. 

One of my favorite, top ten xianxia novels is Transcending the Nine  heavens by Fengling Tianxia. After being reborn, Chu yang realises that on life's journey, its better to have companions than ride solo. Man was made for relationship, so change your attitude, humble yourself, reach out to others, cherish your friendships, don't remain self absorbed and self conceited. 

 One's word is one's bond - Integrity is to be valued

When most of these heroes give a promise, they can be trusted to uphold their words. Really worthy of emulating. Can the words that come out of your mouth be trusted? Can you be relied upon as person who keeps his word? 

 Gluttony of any form is destructive. Addiction of any form is counterproductive

I started reading xianxia novels cause they are different from other novels and really have a way of relieving stress.  After a while I realised, I was really too dependent on it and became less productive in doing other things.

Too much food makes you obese, too much of anything makes you an addict. A lot of things are probably okay when done in moderation, when you become dependent upon them and allow those things control your mood, emotions or person, its destructive. 

Food for Thought

Of course not all Wuxia novels are worth reading, some are only revenge driven, revenge sounds good, but at the end then what?  and some are just plain pointless, you have to knock yourself in the head for not quitting them at the beginning. And most are truly too cliche, hehe, they make you feel  like you could be a best selling author yourself. 

 Remember its garbage in garbage out, choose wisely what you read!


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