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If you breathe.....

the lad is so cute..
So today is a Sunday and i felt compelled to put this down before i forgot about it.
So i got into the bus 24, to go to church, i like the new venue because its close to the bus stop.
You must know that today was the second time i was following that route. Today, i paid attention to my surrounding, soon the bus had arrived at a road, on one side of the road was the forest and the other a fence ( i don't remember the color) and i looked into it, then i realized it was a cemetery, a very big one long and wide, then i realized why no one was really living around there.
The bus came to a stop, and only then did i notice that lots of people in the bus had flowers, i looked out the window where i also saw people, some alone some in groups, a few coming out of the cemetery carried brooms and stuff.
only until then did i realize that i wasn't part of them,i wasn't part of those in the grave, nor those going into the cemetery nor those coming out. I am aliv…