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How To Accord Respect: The First Key to Being Respected or Honored

Before I go to the main point, I'll like to share about a writing and publishing space I discovered of recent.

MEDIUM. Its basically a platform where anyone can write and share their ideas and articles. If you like writing but do not really want to have or start a blog, medium is a good place to be. Or if you already have your own space where you write, it's still a good place to be as you can reach a different audience and it allows you to republish stuff already posted on your blog.

One of the articles in my Medium Daily Digest today was titled, Write to Express not Impress by Jeff Crume. That article is partly what pushed me to finally write this post.

I felt disrespected some weeks back when I greeted two lovely human beings that I considered as acquaintances and got no response from them. Surely they saw and heard me or so I thought.

I didn't even feel like a tree in the following moments, which would have been better (trees are living things), I felt like I was breeze. Y…