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On John Wesley's 12 Rules of Conduct

I am currently reading a book titled God's Generals by Robert Liardon. It is truly inspiring learning about the history of the church, learning about great men of God and how it all began for them and their ministeries.
I am still at the very beginning, reading about John and Charles Wesley and today I want to write down John Wesley's twelve rules of conduct which he laid down for the preachers/ministers he ordained. You may not have a pulpit but everyone is called to be a minister i.e everyone is called to bear witness to the person and the works of Jesus Christ, so here goes:
Be diligent. Never unemployed a minute.Be serious. Avoid all lightness and jesting.Converse sparingly with women, particularly young women.Take no step toward marriage without first consulting with the brethren.Believe evil of no one.Speak evil of no one.Tell everyone what you think wrong in him, "and that plainly, as soon as may be; else it will fester in your heart. Make all haste to cast the fire…