All Sorrow is Sorrow, All Hardship is Hardship!

Many people have this thing that when you tell them about your hardship or what is meant to be a sad happening, they tell you about theirs or someone else's sad story in turn. And some times, it's difficult to tell whether they are being empathetic with you or trying to make hardship seem like child's play.
Mark Twain said that, "Nothing that grieves us can be called little: by the eternal laws or proportion, a child's loss of a doll and a King's loss of a crown are events of the same size." ~ Which was the Dream?
So next time someone tells you about an unfortunate event that happened to them, first of all, Listen. Don't be quick to dismiss their claims, console them. By all means, don't laugh unless you know them well enough to know it's laughable. Give them some time to dwell on it. If you think it's time to move on, then share your story. The goal is not to depress or belittle anyone, you share in another to encourage and give another p…

17 Beautiful Quotes on Being Tactful

Wisdom is profitable to direct - says the Bible. Being tactful is displaying wisdom in action and in speech.  The oxford dictionary defines tact as skill or sensitivity in dealing with others or difficult issues. Tact is a desirable quality as long as you must live and coexist with others.

Maturity is about becoming a better version of yourself and being tactful is a plus for you and those around you.
Here are some of my favourite quotations about tact;

1. Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy ~ Isaac Newton

2. It is tact that is golden, not silence ~ Samuel Butler

3. Tact is one of the first mental virtues, the absence of it is fatal to the best talent. ~ William Gilmore Simms

4. Never start a sentence with the words, 'No Offense' ~ Gretchen Rubin

5. Tact is the ability to step on a man's toes without messing up the shine on his shoes ~ Harry Truman

6. Tact is an ability to live in the midst of ugliness without getting ugly. ~ Debasish Mridha

7. The s…

Most Profound Sentences I've Heard This Week

I got these two sentences in totally different situations, while I thought one was ridiculously funny and true in the context of the novel, I thought the other was overwhelming and completely true with regards to my life in general. One was from reading a a chinese online novel and the other was from listening to a christian song. Not until today, did I think that I could associate them together. So, what are these quotes? and how have they had a profound impression on me in this week.

1. People are invincible if they're shameless (Unruly Phoenix Xiayao ~ Mei Xiaoguo)

2. Your kindness makes me whole (Ever be by Kalley Heiligenthal)

Although many people will argue that there are times when feeling shame is good, and say it shows that the people feel remorse for their actions. I still beg to differ because really what are the limits for feeling shame and until when should one feel shame.

Instead of advocating shame, I believe that people's future actions are the best indicators …

Re: Bill Johnson- The War in Your Head

Only ten minutes into the video and I felt so refreshed.
Interesting sentence, "our vote to believe a lie is what makes it powerful"

It's no wonder David would say, "I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord", "Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere"

If you are going through a drought or rough time in your life, or feel fed up, this was really refreshing to me.

Be blessed! You are Blessed :D

Panineria: Look What I discovered in Budapest


One of my favorite fast foods, is Subway.

I love this Panineria especially, cause I think its similar, you don't get to choose the different fillings, but the vegetables are just as fresh as subways.

Its a little bit pricey at 1650ft to 2450ft, this is actually in the range of 6-8 EUROS.

The address is at Oktogon 4, I've had it twice now, and just had to write about this. Its worth getting a bite of.

And for your viewing pleasure, duibuqi, duibuqi ah, I could only take these few snaps.

By the way, Duibuqi means Sorry in chinese ;) :)

I would rather be kind

She calls him darling
She pats his head She thinks it's pleasing She thinks its nice
She calls him by name
She shakes his hand She thinks it's fitting She thinks it's kind
She's being nice to him He may not understand now But how does this really help him?

She's being genuine with him He may not understand now But what is true will ever appreciate!

 About all these, he has contemplated,
"I would rather be kind, Nice is overrated"

12 Things I learned from Reading Wuxia Novels

Owe no man anything.  Repay your debts. What goes around, comes around. Make sure to sow only good seeds, you never know what the future holds.   No one is above trials and tribulations.  Be ye a xianxia cultivator or an immortal or a mere mortal, everyone has their challenges and tribulations to face. Face it head on, cause we know that by overcoming them, we get stronger. Every test, every challenge is a sign that you are moving on in life.   Diligence always pays off.  I have not read of a main character who just randomly advanced in life, sure they may have had fortuitous encounters, but they didn't let that get to their head. I especially love Jiang Zhe in the Grand master strategist. Its worth noting that he wasn't born with all of his knowledge. Nope, he read to accumulate it, while he was nothing and after he became an official, the author shows us that he doesn't stop reading, nor appreciating and exchanging with other talents when he comes across them.
 Show me …

Keeping sane; Its a crazy crazy world.

She wants to be gentle She wills to be calm She desires to be easy going;
They wont let her be They think she’s ignorant and timid They think she can take nonsense;
Now, her nasty side is out Ooh she’s gon get them She’s gon get them real good She’s shown them she used to have a PhD in rude She’s shown them that she gets, She gets that ‘The violent taketh by force’ She’s shown them what’s truly crazy; She has pictured all the appropriate responses in her head, All in her head, cause Jesus has got her He stops her from going further He’s keeping her sane in this crazy crazy world.

War Against Stupidity//Say No to Stupidity

What happens when people are stupid? Innocent persons suffer.

What happens when other people are still stupid? Innocent persons still suffer.

What happens when other people decide to remain stupid? Innocent persons keep suffering.

Who is innocent in this case? The one who is not party to another's stupidity, the one who has never tolerated nor contributed to another's stupidity in any form.

Nobody was born to be stupid, there are some people that were born with mental retardation or developed it afterwards. They are not stupid, they are physiologically ill.

Note my statement above, nobody was born to be stupid. Many of us though as infants and children were stupid and without sense. That's why a baby at a certain age, will put almost anything in its mouth. Then we grow and mature, become more sensible and keep learning and keep being enlightened.

Stupid people choose to be stupid. Stupid people have refused to learn and be enlightened. Stupid people have refused to devel…

BLOGGING DISCLAIMER: Not One is Good Except God

Several months ago, I wrote an article titled 10 things I learned from reading Xianxia novels and I still haven't published. For some reason I felt I was exposing people to the world and the dark side and all that, like its not from the Bible and so on. I made a few realisations not too long ago, which am going to share and due to these realisations also publish my article afterwards. 
No one and nothing is good, except God

No one or nothing is good, except God. As christians we usually try to delineate big sin and small sin. Things like worldly songs and spiritual songs, gospel movies and holly wood movies, dove awards and MTv awards, the Kardashians and some other christian show on TV.
 I've realised that, apart from Jesus, everything else has a downside and an upside. While speaking with a few friends a while back, one made a statement that the truth is absolute and yet truth is relative. Truth is absolute only when its straight from Jesus, cause he is the truth. Take thing…