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BLOGGING DISCLAIMER: Not One is Good Except God

Several months ago, I wrote an article titled 10 things I learned from reading Xianxia novels and I still haven't published. For some reason I felt I was exposing people to the world and the dark side and all that, like its not from the Bible and so on. I made a few realisations not too long ago, which am going to share and due to these realisations also publish my article afterwards. 
No one and nothing is good, except God

No one or nothing is good, except God. As christians we usually try to delineate big sin and small sin. Things like worldly songs and spiritual songs, gospel movies and holly wood movies, dove awards and MTv awards, the Kardashians and some other christian show on TV.
 I've realised that, apart from Jesus, everything else has a downside and an upside. While speaking with a few friends a while back, one made a statement that the truth is absolute and yet truth is relative. Truth is absolute only when its straight from Jesus, cause he is the truth. Take thing…

Dear Human, You Cannot Do Good All By Yourself!

I discovered quite late that the saying, "no man is an island" is really true. I am already 24 years old and just getting what should be the very basics of relationships. Its not that I have had no friends all this while, but most of my relationships with others in the past ran on the premise of "ain't nobody got time for nonsense" - if I wasn't seeing tangible benefits, I was out.I didn't learn dependence on others and didn't think I needed it. I didn't learn to rely and fully trust. You can say, maybe I never found the right people, but I think the problem was that I never approached my relationships the proper way. I was a strong, I can do bad and good all by myself, no wasting time with others kind of person. This mentality, which is something society generally accepts is quite dangerous. We ask ourselves, "what am I getting from this friendship or relationship?" Or "how is this person of use to me?"  And when we find peo…