BLOGGING DISCLAIMER: Not One is Good Except God

Several months ago, I wrote an article titled 10 things I learned from reading Xianxia novels and I still haven't published. For some reason I felt I was exposing people to the world and the dark side and all that, like its not from the Bible and so on. I made a few realisations not too long ago, which am going to share and due to these realisations also publish my article afterwards. 

No one and nothing is good, except God

No one or nothing is good, except God. As christians we usually try to delineate big sin and small sin. Things like worldly songs and spiritual songs, gospel movies and holly wood movies, dove awards and MTv awards, the Kardashians and some other christian show on TV.

 I've realised that, apart from Jesus, everything else has a downside and an upside. While speaking with a few friends a while back, one made a statement that the truth is absolute and yet truth is relative. Truth is absolute only when its straight from Jesus, cause he is the truth. Take things with a pinch of salt, nothing coming from any show or drama or pastor is absolute, you need to get to God and get your own truth, get what is good for you. Not wearing earrings could be good for someone else, it doesn't mean it has to apply for you also, this truth is relative.

I'll tell you another story, once many years back, I felt God telling me to stop watching some particular shows, I made up my mind to obey and stop, however, I attended a bible study where in the teacher, someone I looked up to, was referencing this show and how they watch it once in a while and that kinda shook my decision, thought to myself, wow if its okay for her, then its okay for me also. I was wrong. We should not use other people's standard of living as ours. 

Be quick to listen, dont buy everything that's up for sale. Xianxia novels aren't all good Your worldly and christian movies aren't all good. Your holly wood heroes and Daddy pastors aren't all good. Yes I am saying it and Jesus is saying it. Not one is good except God. Here is the issue, as christians we are not meant to follow standards set by society, your super star hero, not even your pastor. The highest standard to be adhered to is that revealed by Jesus himself. You have to test everything for yourself, you can't just take what others say at face value, don't you know you are an entity by yourself? Before somebody will say I misled them into reading Xianxia novels.

You pore over the scriptures because you presume that by them you possess eternal life. These are the very words that testify about Me, yet you refuse to come to Me to have life. ~ John 5:39 Get your standard, get your truth from the King!

Watch out for my next post, Ten things I learnt from reading Xianxia novels. :D



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