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Finally, 10DBC Is Over, Marching Forward!

Its day 10.

I just came home after a night shift and I've written and rewritten this draft up to 3 times now. I'll keep it short and go straight to the point, I am really glad its over, not in a sad or bad way.

This challenge was the extra push I needed for this blog, my writing has improved, the number of posts have doubled and so have my page views.

My favorite day of the challenge was day 5, where Natalie spoke about setting up yourself for success, I read a few other posts of others taking part in the challenge and mine too and many questions were raised in my head. Do I actually take active steps in setting up myself for success? it could be something as easy as just studying or writing a paper? Something as simple as staying in the right environment and proper position to study, often times we neglect the really simple things in life and that's when the chaos and disorder sets in.

What Next?
I look forward to this blog, I look forward to my next posts! There's n…

My Holiday Ritual

Today's challenge is about location independence. How to combine freedom with work or adventure with work.

This should be fun. To be honest if I could, I would only play and never work, but the truth is there is no food for a lazy man. A person has got to work. Now its all about finding the work you love, the work you are passionate about, a work that gives life back to you.

I don't really have a dream destination, I have lots of dream destinations. How do I see myself working on a holiday. Well, let's see;

Before the Holiday Plan out my holiday, places to see/visit, necessary apps/tools, have a to do list i.e. what work must be completed while on holiday

During the Holiday My holiday begins at the airport, yes from my outbound flight. I rarely ever sleep on flights. I am either watching a movie (long distance flights) or writing (short and long distance).

I still prefer a notebook and pen for taking down notes. With this, I write down new ideas, inspiration for a new post …