My Holiday Ritual

Today's challenge is about location independence. How to combine freedom with work or adventure with work.

This should be fun. To be honest if I could, I would only play and never work, but the truth is there is no food for a lazy man. A person has got to work. Now its all about finding the work you love, the work you are passionate about, a work that gives life back to you.

I don't really have a dream destination, I have lots of dream destinations. How do I see myself working on a holiday. Well, let's see;

Before the Holiday

Plan out my holiday, places to see/visit, necessary apps/tools, have a to do list i.e. what work must be completed while on holiday

During the Holiday

My holiday begins at the airport, yes from my outbound flight. I rarely ever sleep on flights. I am either watching a movie (long distance flights) or writing (short and long distance).

I still prefer a notebook and pen for taking down notes. With this, I write down new ideas, inspiration for a new post or a new book.

Have fun, if am gone on a holiday, am having fun or playing 90% of the time, even the work I do is part of the fun, so that makes it 97%

After the Holiday

I usually reflect on my flight back, journal my trip, cry if I need to. There is some joy though on returning to familiar ground, where you know where everything is and you don't have to ask for directions. Instead I try to return the favor I got on my trip to other strangers I meet here, asking if they need help or not.

This how I imagine my location independence, I go away to return a better person. I go away for inspiration for retreat. I go away to play, I go away to have fun. And going away is work in itself.

This blog post is in response to Natalie's 10 Day freedom plan blog challenge day 9


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