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PIECES by Amanda Cook

This song brings with it such a sentimental feeling, really! I have no words for the feelings it invokes in me, just listen here
 It talks about love and the first line says:

"unreserved, unrestrained, your love is wild" Oh my goodness!!
"It isn't shy, unashamed, your love is proud to be seen with me"- I can surely testify to this, I believe that my number 1 biggest fan in the entire universe must be the Holy Spirit.

"Uncontrolled, uncontained, your love is a fire....." isn't it exciting?

It speaks of relentless love, love that is not calculating, love that gives its all at the very beginning, all the way through. It's a love determined to go all the way with us.".your love's not passive, its never disengaged, its  always present"-it always has my time.

In our everyday relationships, this might be difficult for many of us. Actually it is even seen as coming on too strong, it might be unacceptable for many people that you accept and…

Satisfaction? me? dEsireS? God? The preacher?

Satisfaction: the act of fulfilling or achieving a need or wish (according to cambridge)
Synonyms: contentment, pleasure, gratification, sense of achievement 
We are apt to think that generally people are satisfied when they have basic necessities, good health, housing, shelter, clothing, food, enough money to get what they want, education, a family, relationships, family doing well. But does it end there? which human is there that doesn’t want more? More money, more fame, more recognition, more appraisal, more love, more joy, job promotions, better governance from our leaders. We see progress as not being stagnant, moving from grass to grace, from better to best. Progress is defined as development towards an improved or more advanced condition. So what human being doesn’t want progress?

but what about the little things that bring us joy, when people we love, love us back, when we are appreciated for doing right? the satisfaction or rest that supposedly comes from watching moves, goin…