PIECES by Amanda Cook

This song brings with it such a sentimental feeling, really! I have no words for the feelings it invokes in me, just listen here
 It talks about love and the first line says:

"unreserved, unrestrained, your love is wild" Oh my goodness!!
"It isn't shy, unashamed, your love is proud to be seen with me"- I can surely testify to this, I believe that my number 1 biggest fan in the entire universe must be the Holy Spirit.

"Uncontrolled, uncontained, your love is a fire....." isn't it exciting?

It speaks of relentless love, love that is not calculating, love that gives its all at the very beginning, all the way through. It's a love determined to go all the way with us.".your love's not passive, its never disengaged, its  always present"-it always has my time.

In our everyday relationships, this might be difficult for many of us. Actually it is even seen as coming on too strong, it might be unacceptable for many people that you accept and love them completely and you can go all out for them at the very first and forever.
Some of us do have trust issues, or have had a few heartbreaking experiences, so we try to exercise caution in our friendships. For many of us, giving our hearts in pieces is to protect ourselves from future hurt.

"Your love is not fractured..... it hangs on every word we say" ~its sounds dangerous to me and you, but its real- A love that comes in whole.
This "love keeps its promises, its keeps its word, it honors what's sacred, its vows are good, your love's not broken, it's not insecure, your love's not selfish, your love is pure. You don't give your heart in pieces"

Yet how beautiful it'll be to truly experience this kind of love. It'll be mush easier to love others also wholly. I love because He first loved me! Yes! I am a proud recipient of this love-its truly amazing. And God doesn't love just me. He loves you too, no matter who you are, where you come from. His is love is indiscriminate and everlasting! He doesn't give his heart in pieces, His love isn't dependent on you, He can't help but love you. You don't have anything to do with the sun shining, its gonna rise in the morning whether you like it or not, same way God can't help but love you, because He is love!


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