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Movie Time: Finally Watched War Room And This Is What I Have to Say

I found one scene a bit unreal and funny when the grandma told the thief, "put your knife down in the name of Jesus" mmm will you try this in real life? My faith really needs to grow much more.

The little's girl's portrayal of a child aware of the problems in her family was believable.The actors with the main roles did a great job portraying their characters also. In general, it was a good story with a simple plot. I love that they kept the sad parts to a bare minimum, perhaps I've watched too many movies where too many tragic stuff happen before the protagonists come out victorious.

One other thing I took note of in the movie was granny Clara's model of evangelism. People might be annoyed at how intrusive you are about their lives, but in the end they'll appreciate you cause you took the extra step, you cared to ask them more questions. Most of us want to solve our problems on our own, be strong and all, but no matter how brave a front people put up, th…

Advancing Our Arguments from Sour to Amiable

I don't know how to argue, when I do attempt to, I tremble, my voice may break up, it appears as though I may cry the next minute. In worst case scenarios, I end up saying harsh words that do not pertain to the issue at hand only for the sake of putting down the other party.

I am not that good at pretending either, if things are not funny I cannot for the life of me mutter a small laughter, I may smile and with the advent of short form writing on social media, you may hear me often times saying lol. So when people say something that I do not agree with, I can hardly stomach it, it's even worse if they are trying to sell the idea to others and not only to me. In those times I cringe, every muscle on my face moves to show my discontent, sometimes am smart enough to keep a poker face. This all makes it hard for me to avoid arguments.

The greek word for argument is zétésis, it means a search, questioning. Looking at this meaning, you may see that arguments are not all together bad…