Movie Time: Finally Watched War Room And This Is What I Have to Say

I found one scene a bit unreal and funny when the grandma told the thief, "put your knife down in the name of Jesus" mmm will you try this in real life? My faith really needs to grow much more.

The little's girl's portrayal of a child aware of the problems in her family was believable.The actors with the main roles did a great job portraying their characters also. In general, it was a good story with a simple plot. I love that they kept the sad parts to a bare minimum, perhaps I've watched too many movies where too many tragic stuff happen before the protagonists come out victorious.

One other thing I took note of in the movie was granny Clara's model of evangelism. People might be annoyed at how intrusive you are about their lives, but in the end they'll appreciate you cause you took the extra step, you cared to ask them more questions. Most of us want to solve our problems on our own, be strong and all, but no matter how brave a front people put up, they still need someone to ask how they are doing, to pray for them.

I loved the movie, it was simple and straight to the point. They did a good job portraying the key message, which for me was prayer works and there is a proper way to go about it.

Am really looking for awesome christian movies, I've only began taking an interest in them of recent. The only ones I've watched so far are:
-War Room
-Sister Act (does it count? )
-the Jesus movie
-The Hobbit and Chronicles of Narnia series (they count, no?)
-Kingdom of Heaven (I think this is just a war movie about the siege of Jerusalem, Its not biblical, but if you like epic historic war movies, highly recommended!)
-The Prince of Egypt (how can I forget?)
-End of the Spear (I watched this in secondary school, inspiring movie)
-Fighting temptations

When I've watched more, perhaps I could make another post on my recommended christian movies. If you could recommend some awesome christian themed movies, please do do!


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