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Most Profound Sentences I've Heard This Week

I got these two sentences in totally different situations, while I thought one was ridiculously funny and true in the context of the novel, I thought the other was overwhelming and completely true with regards to my life in general. One was from reading a a chinese online novel and the other was from listening to a christian song. Not until today, did I think that I could associate them together. So, what are these quotes? and how have they had a profound impression on me in this week.

1. People are invincible if they're shameless (Unruly Phoenix Xiayao ~ Mei Xiaoguo)

2. Your kindness makes me whole (Ever be by Kalley Heiligenthal)

Although many people will argue that there are times when feeling shame is good, and say it shows that the people feel remorse for their actions. I still beg to differ because really what are the limits for feeling shame and until when should one feel shame.

Instead of advocating shame, I believe that people's future actions are the best indicators …