Most Profound Sentences I've Heard This Week

I got these two sentences in totally different situations, while I thought one was ridiculously funny and true in the context of the novel, I thought the other was overwhelming and completely true with regards to my life in general. One was from reading a a chinese online novel and the other was from listening to a christian song. Not until today, did I think that I could associate them together. So, what are these quotes? and how have they had a profound impression on me in this week.

1. People are invincible if they're shameless (Unruly Phoenix Xiayao ~ Mei Xiaoguo)

2. Your kindness makes me whole (Ever be by Kalley Heiligenthal)

Although many people will argue that there are times when feeling shame is good, and say it shows that the people feel remorse for their actions. I still beg to differ because really what are the limits for feeling shame and until when should one feel shame.

Instead of advocating shame, I believe that people's future actions are the best indicators of their realisations of their misdeeds. If you rebuke a child for cussing and they understand that they were, then in the future they wont cuss again.

And for me as a christian, it may seem unfathomable and ridiculous but somehow I've managed to link these two sentences together.

Listening to ever be by Kalley Heiligenthal I couldn't help but be touched, its like when you're the prodigal son/daughter and you feel you've been too bad, but God is just there showering you with His love and kisses.

His kindness really does lead to repentance. It is we human beings who work with the concept of give and take. We are often kind and good especially to those who we feel are deserving of it. To those who hurt or use us, slander us, betray us, spare not time for us, we ask ourselves, !why should I get involved with them? They don't deserve my attention, much less my love. It already good enough that I don't take revenge against them" - That's if when we don't take revenge.

With that kind of mindset as humans it gets increasingly harder to accept and understand the grace of God. It becomes difficult to understand that we are forgiven, we are blessed, we are sanctified, we are holy, we are justified, we are qualified, we are competent (1 Corinthians 1:30, Romans 8:30)

With such a mindset, we begin thinking we need to do something to match up to God, we need to do some good deeds to be right with God. Worse still, we impose this mentality on others, without understanding them or their story, and we qualify who is truly righteous and who is not. (2 Cor 3:5)

However, we don't need to do anything, cause we are saved by grace and not works.

God's grace: means that God does everything, nah God has done everything, Jesus said on the cross "It is finished", Hebrews says to rest, "For whoever enters God's rest also rests from his own work just as God did from His"

So, this is my proposition. Don't dwell on the past anymore. This is what the world will call shameless.

What is shame? Simply defined, it is dwelling on past misdeeds.

When you come to God, you must believe that you are forgiven, that the sacrifice of Jesus is once and for all. You must believe that His love is unfailing and  it is everlasting despite what your past may have been. I dare say you must be what the world may call shameless.

Shame causes you to feel condemnation, but God says there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

You must deliberately let go of all manner of guilt, shame and condemnation, completely let go of the past. That way you can fully accept the grace of God. Believe that He is, Yes! God is good and kind and love. All you need is Faith! Faith will open up your eyes to the limitless possibilities in Christ Jesus.

That way, you can be invincible!!!

Hehe, maybe I should write a thesis on this.

Hey, don't forget to check out my previous article on shame.

Ever Be: To be fluffy and sweet in love, Yes, God does love you. He can't help it!

Unruly Phoenix Xiayao: To laugh about a former zombie killer turned royalty who can talk with animals.

Cheers.. :)


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