In Search of My Tribe, What Shall I do?

Its day 6 of the freedom plan challenge and today is all about finding your tribe. 

Natalie explains that, "Your tribe is made up of the people who understand and support you, and can inspire you to keep going is crucial to creating your own freedom lifestyle successfully"

I previously read about how people could get a quarter life crisis in their twenties and I think I may be experiencing one of those. I am at a season where I must make important and critical decisions with regards to my future and in times like this, everyone needs a mentor, everyone needs some support system.

My family, community and friends have been my backbone these few months. And I really do appreciate them, that's one part. As for a mentor, goodness! I don't really have one, goodness!!! I am not even sure where to find one.

I think a lot goes into finding a mentor, Who are they? Are they living the type of life that bears semblance to how you envision your future life? Do you uphold similar principles? Do you share similar dreams?

At this in point in my life, I am still figuring out who I am. I know I would love to practice medicine, Traveling is in my blood. Have I found a person who travels and practices medicine and shares similar values and principles as I do? I am still searching oh, the only person I have for now is the Almighty Holy Spirit, my number one fan!! My super experienced and trusted adviser.

It's tricky though, you don't want to make someone your mentor just because everyone thinks and sees that they are living the life and are successful, what if the path you see yourself taking in the future hasn't yet been paved by another? reminds me of Robert Frost's poem, 'The Road not taken'

To be truthful also, I haven't really searched for a mentor, I guess they don't just fall from the sky. Shouldn't they? "Seek and you shall find" and that's exactly what I'll be doing next. If you can recommend any potential ones for this fisher right here to look up, please don't hesitate.

This blog post is in response to Natalie's 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6 I really do not regret signing up for this. These past few days, Natalie has raised up valid questions to be answered, which are pivotal to anyone looking to live a life without restrictions. 

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In search of my tribe, what shall I do?
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