Setting yourself up for Success: The Fisher Reflects

It's easy starting a blog, soon after, you find that you need to keep writing and posting content, and not just anyhow content, but content that is actually relevant, content that is remarkable, content that is of value to your readers.

Soon after, you realize that people need to read your content, it's got to be worth sharing. I am currently at this stage now, figuring out how do I get people to read this stuff? how do I get them to share? I've  been reading on developing stellar content, the different sharing mediums, how the time of posting and sharing matters, the types of people that share on social media, what my readers want and what not. The other day i got myself so worked up, I thought it must be me, I began to question if I was meant to do this. Well, that didn't bring me more readers, so here's what occurred to me afterwards.

Most times, what you need to be successful is a different mindset, so here are 5 mindsets to adapt when doing anything, starting a project, a blog, a youtube channel

5 Successful Mindsets to Adapt when Doing Anything

1. It's not just rice and beans. To be stellar, you've got to put good work and hard work into it.
2. Rome was not built in a day. You've got to be steady, consistent and patient with yourself and with your project.
3. Stop looking to people for validation. Yes no man is an island and we all need one another to survive, but no man can or should define your worth and value. (I have a God, so I say only God can define my worth) Sometimes you've got to give yourself that pep talk, encourage yourself! When you can do that for yourself, then you'd be able to do it for others.
4. Never stop learning. Don't just exceed the expectations of others, work hard to exceed your own expectations.
5. Comparison is for the foolish. Instead of looking to be better than others, look to be better than the you of yesterday.

4 and 5 seem similar eh. That's its folks. This blog post is in response to Natali's 10 day freedom plan challenge day 5
Its been amazing these past few days, I always take Natali's topic but end up writing in a different direction. Regardless, am grateful to be completing day 5. Its not too late to join you know :)


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