To turn over in one's mind, to consider, to mull over, give consideration to, be in a brown study, speculate about. These are all synonyms for the word reflect.

As I mentioned in the day 1 challenge, I have another blog, a travel blog. It's different from this one, am trying to make it as real as possible, which means I should have experienced the places am writing about, since they are real places I need to do some research once in a while to sure, I've got the name of this or that correct or the history right. The Fisher reflects is different, here its my thoughts, opinions, perception of things or ideas and everyday life.

Consciously and unconsciously we all have to think deeply, maybe what we think about is different, but everyone has their thoughts and opinions.

If I just think a little bit deeply every now and then, it should be easy coming up with something to write up. It should be easy writing about things I love, or do not understand. It should be easy writing about almost anything. Of course my writing style may change once in while, my vocabulary might change, while the content should be different every time, I hope the writing improves every time too.

I will reflect everyday as the Title of the blog says, we should all think. Think before you speak, think before you decide, think before you conclude, think about what is true, think about what is just, think about what is honorable, think about what is pure, think about what is lovely, think about what is commendable, Think excellent thoughts. I also do that, so anytime spent on this blog by you isn't a waste!

This blog post is in response to Natalie's 10 day Freedom Plan blog challenge day 7

Its a bit late, but not past schedule, watch out for day 8's post. Many cheers!!


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