No! Not Again.

Yes again! Yay me! am blogging again, after a two year hiatus, and here's a little gist on how I came to this decision
So I attended the social media summit, at Sheraton Hotels, Abuja on the 8th of August. One word it was, Amazing! I don't consider myself as a social media fan, which is why I attended the summit, I wanted to see what I was missing and I am glad I made that decision. Social media, if harnessed properly can benefit everyone in the right ways, to make money is one reason, but also to lend a voice to others, to let your own voice be heard and so on. I learn't too much to share here. But, it was enough for me to want to start blogging again.

There were people from all genres and walks of life, mostly youths and that was inspiring for me. A line from George E. Clason’s the richest man in Babylon quotes, “Babylon became the wealthiest city of the ancient world, because its citizens were the richest people of their time." Seeing so many people eager to learn at the summit was gladdening. I have high hopes for Nigeria.

I have a lot to say most times, which I may not voice out. So many cheers to this blog. It would be a window to my thoughts, my knowledge, my experiences. And many cheers to you reading, I hope this benefits us all in the long run!! 

Hasta la vista ***


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