Relationship Takes: Learning from the Bible

I am just going to drop this here and run away. By relationship I mean every kind of human relations, friendships, siblings, parents, spouses, betrothed e.t.c

Don't quit for fear of disappointment
For this first lesson the back up is gotten from John 16:32-33. I bet we all know the lesson from verse 33, For those of us who dislike difficulty. Jesus said it, "In this world, you will have tribulation" mmhm, you will have heartbreak, there will be disappointments, .".but take heart, I have overcome the world".. the trials wont last forever.

Take note how Jesus sets the example in verse 32. Jesus knew that his disciples, his buddies whom he has spent the time with for the past three years, would abandon him in his most difficult moments, they will SCATTER. Ah! have you had people SCATTER on you? Jesus didn't begrudge them despite knowing what they were capable of in the future.

How many times have we quit on others or lowered our expectations of them and on our relationship because we were scared of future disappointment? While we did that, we let ourselves down and we let the others down as well, because in thinking so, subconsciously we fail to give the relationship our best effort. Check your yourself ;)

To him whom much is given, much will be required
Short story

So on this cool day am taking a stroll in the neighborhood and thoughts of a friend with whom I've lost touch  with for a while crosses my mind.

I want to contact her, but I don't want to, because I believe she was at wrong in our quarrel.

And my 'number 1 biggest fan' mentions Luke 12:48. Am taken aback like, "woah, what has this verse got to do with anything?"

And He explains it as this: how much love, how much grace, how much mercy, how much favor have you received of m how much have you received of me? (Not just from, but of)

Am not saying in turn that the other party has been given less grace or love? 

So am thinking ah, why can't they be the ones to also take the first step? And my number 1 biggest fan keeps quiet.

God wont force you to do what you don't want to do, but at the end of the day, you taking the first step towards reconciliation  with others is a reflection of your growth and maturity, it's a reflection of how how far you've come with God.

Voila!!! That's it on relationship lessons this time around. My number 1 biggest fan is the Holy Spirit. ;)

Have an amazing weekend y'all!!!


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